TaxWise install instructions

  1. Ensure you have the Efin and the registration number for the site.

  2. Uninstall prior versions of Taxwise.

  3. Install Taxwise 2006 from CD on “server” computer.

  4. Launch Taxwise 2006.

  5. Complete setup form as per manual and revisised page 27

  6. Go to support section to download update.  See email date Jan
    8 for details.

  7. Installl update.

  8. Restart TaxWise

  9. Download Ohio update.  See email dated Jan 11 for

  10. Set tax form defaults as per hand written revised
    instruction handout (pp. 32-41).

  11. Set print packet defaults also noted in hand written
    revised instruction handout (pg. 40).

  12. Set administrator password.

  13. If this is not a network install, the installation
    is complete.  Otherwise proceed.

  14. Ensure the C: drive is shared.  Open my
    computer.  Right click on the C: drive. 
    Select sharing.  Ensure “Share this folder”
    is selected.  Note the name of the share.

  15. Note the network name of this “server”. 
    Right click on my computer. Click the Network
    Identification tab.  Note the
    computer’s name and domain.

On each networked computer:

  1. Map a networked drive.  Open My computer.  From the Tools menu
    select Map Network Drive.  Map the shared drive (step 14) from the
    server (step 15) to the the “T:” drive.  Be sure to select reconnect at

  2. Open the T: drive.  Open the UTS06 folder.  Open the TWTech
    folder.  Double click on Setup.exe.

  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

  4. Assign the workstation a unique 3 digit number (e.g., 102, 103,104,

  5. Restart the workstation

  6. Launch TaxWise to confirm it is working.

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