Reality Distortion Field in Effect

Most laptop and notebook computers on the market are black or charcoal. Lately more and more have a metallic finish. For a premium price you can get a fancy color like blue or red. It isn’t as bad as Ford’s offer of any color Model T, as long it is black but odd are high that any given laptop is black. And the cheaper the laptop the more likely the laptop is black

That is unless you are looking at an Apple laptop. Apple’s are white or metal, not metallic but actual aluminum. You can get a black MacBook for an extra $150. Yes you can get a less distinct more common colored laptop from Apple for $150 more than the same laptop in white.

This is the notorious Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Field. This distortion field has been spoken of for decades. At first one might dismiss the folklore and accept that Jobs is more persuasive than others; that he can convince consumers to pay more for a better product. But this underestimates his powers of persuasion and denies his ability to distort reality. Steve can make a common black laptop more desirable and more expensive than distinct white.

This is an amazing distortion of reality.

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