I want to build one of these bike

I love riding my cruiser bike around town. It is easy, comfortable and a great way to get to know your community. A tall bike might not be quite as comfortable but I am sure it would help your community get to know you. At least by reputation.

Tall word of mouth: “My sister in Minneapolis spotted one of these today. I have yet to spot one of these on the streets of Chicago, but apparently the community of tall bike enthusiasts is thriving in the Twin Cities, she says. Apparently, it’s beginning to thrive in other parts of the country; there’s even a tallbike convention with — yikes — jousting. I…”

The New Robber Barons And how to Capitalize on IT

I just finished Cringely’s The New Robber Barons.

It’s not as hard to do such a takeover as one might imagine. Section 404 non-compliance, for example, would probably violate the provisions of most senior debentures issued by many companies, often long before Sarbanes Oxley was even proposed. Imagine a scenario, then, where a robber baron buys or otherwise comes to control some of that senior debt. A Sarbanes Oxley violation would make it possible to call the debt, which if it can’t be immediately repaid would result in the company being simply handed over to the creditor with no regard for holders of common stock. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

It is a scary article. Cringely is a prescient writer who seems to be tapped into so many trends.

What I wonder though is how can I use the information in this article to my advantage. This spring I figured US gas prices would hit $3/gallon so I bought CononocPhillips stock. It doesn’t look like it will hit $3/gallon but my investment is is up 17%.

Now that I have read Crignely’s prognostication how should I change my behavior?

Scott has two patents pending

While working at AT&T I colaborated with seveval coworkers to file many invention disclosures. Two of these inventions were selected by AT&T’s legal team as potential patents. Patents for both inventions were filed in 2002. They are still pending.

System and method for providing video program information or video program content to a user [pdf] – If a name said it all and AT&T was granted this patent they would control all TV’s in the US. But alas this is a vague name for a system that would allow a television viewer to tune in to a show after it has started and use the catch me up feature to quickly summarize the portion of the show the viewer missed. This summary could be a voice over, a series of quick clips or anything that catches the viewer up to the current point in the show.

Method and system using docking stations to distribute a set top box between multiple monitors [pdf] – Again a vague name. This patent is for a system allowing the sharing of content between two TV settop boxes. For example you record Seinfeld on your Tivo downstairs. It is late and you want ot watch it on your Tivo upstairs. Bummer. But with this dock you could remove the storage media from the downstairs Tivo and plug it into the upstairs Tivo. Voila!

This dock could also allow simpler upgrades of storage capacity and features. Depending on what elements of the settop box are in the dock the entire smarts of the box including the codec could be upgraded by just replacing the removable module.

4001 Discovery Spam

4001 spam

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I recently got this great bit of spam. They are offering to let me refinance 4001 Discovery Drive for $150,000. It is a great deal since 4001 is a Qwest building where I used to work. I suspect it is worth many millions.

Flickr Rocks

Flickr Badge

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I recently committed to Flickr. Both financially, $20 a year, and my time, the time to get all my photos online and somewhat organized.

In the last seven or eight years I have planned to get my photos online. But despite several tries I never got more then about 100 up. It was too time consuming.

But now, with Flickr.com, I have about 1500 up and ready to share. Flickr makes it very easy to upload and to organize. By next week I think I will have all my photos up.

You can check out my collection at flickr.com/photos/sebrenner/.

If you haven’t tried Flickr before I think you will be impressed. Every photo is tagged with all the words I could think to describe the photo. For example this badge has the following tags:

If you want to see all my photos from Colorado you can click the Colorado tag and you will get a complete collection of Colorado photos. If you want to see my camping photos same thing. Click on the camping tag and they are all there. And you can combine tags. Combining camping and Colorado will get you only the pictures related to camping and Colorado.

Flickr uses an interest technic to display the tags. They are shown alphabetically and the relative size of the type indicates how many of my photos share that tag.

Another nice feature allows you to browse other people’s photos too. After looking at my Colorado pictures you can click on the link to everyone’s Colorado pictures and see thousand and thousand of other’s photo related Colorado.

Please take a look and if you like the way it works consider joining. There is both a free version and Pro version. The only difference is how many photos you can upload.

My first memory map

Superior, CO 80207

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This is my first memory map. It is a map of the area around my first condo. I lived here from 2000 to 2004. Now It rent it out.

Daly down the stairs

This morning I watched my dog Daly fall down the stairs.

I was washing some dishes and heard Daly coming up the stairs. I looked down and saw her slip down one step and then slowly slip and slide down the rest of the stairs. The whole while she was looking up at me with eyes begged for an explanation.

Unfortunately, the only answer is she is getting older. At 12 years old her muscles aren’t as strong as they once were and the arthritis in her joints makes it harder for her to use the muscles that are left.

I wonder how much longer she will be happy and not in too much pain.

100 Words From Madeira

So tonight it is beatiful outside. The first really wonderful night since we got to Ohio. The past few weeks it has been so hot I was just used to a constant sweat. But tonight it is cool and comfortable. It is about 9:40 and the sky is just still barely blue. I love this time of dusk. It is my favorite after a good day of snowboarding. Usually around 5:00 of 5:30 in the winter. The alpenglow. But this summer night in Ohio is pretty nice too. My heart certainly hasn’t moved here but it is growing comfortable on Dawson road.

I added the entry, radura, to Wikipedia.

I am quite proud I was able to find a topic the needed an entry that I felt I could handle.

I would like to vist this salt mine