Replace Your iPad’s 3G Chip with a Verizon MiFi Chip [DIY]

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Replace Your iPad's 3G Chip with a Verizon MiFi ChipWe learned yesterday that it’s more cost effective to get a MiFi than a 3G iPad, but one clever hacker has taken it a step further and replaced the iPad’s 3G chip with a MiFi’s innards.

Not only will this hack give you a better cost/benefit ratio, but you'll have all the reliability of Verizon's network if you prefer it to AT&T. Unfortunately, you get this at the cost of a working GPS and some slightly diminished sound quality from the speakers—but for some, it's a pretty fair trade. Plus, not only will your iPad get the MiFi's service, but it will still be a mobile hotspot, too, allowing you to essentially "tether" any of your other devices to your iPad.

The hack isn’t super complex, but it will require a little work (including soldering). You can’t just plug the MiFi in, unfortunately, but this hacker figured out all the little quirks and fixed them fairly easily. He hooked the MiFi up directly to the iPad’s battery for power, removed the power button (which turns the MiFi off after 30 minutes of inactivity) and replaced it with his own, small on/off switch, accessible from the SIM card slot. You’ll also have to remove half of the speaker set within the iPad to fit the oddly-shaped MiFi in. Supposedly, while you lose some richness in the bass, the sound quality is still quite good (though you’d get better results than either by just using headphones). Hit the link for the full guide, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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