I have been to New York several times but..

I need to get back to NYC again soon. Perhaps for the “New Yorker Fest”:http://festival.newyorker.com/schedule.cfm.

I went to the festival about 5 years ago. I think it was the inaugural year. I enjoyed it a great deal and I don’t understand why I haven’t been back since.

I love being Happy

I can’t recommend the power of happiness and joy enough. Falling asleep happy waking up happy are great feelings.

I know this is impossible but…

I need to take advantage of the books I already have.

I am ashamed of the all the books I have acquired but not read.

Podcasting is a rewarding hobby

I really enjoy the discipline of recording a regular podcast. The preparation is very rewarding.

You kind of have a bunch of people, listeners, depending on you to put out your podcast. The desire to not disappoint is a great motivator.

You can check out my weekday podcast at http://www.todayspodcast.com

This seems like a very beautiful festival


Very Cool Site. Especially the

Very Cool Site. Especially the zeitgeist.

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