Daly down the stairs

This morning I watched my dog Daly fall down the stairs.

I was washing some dishes and heard Daly coming up the stairs. I looked down and saw her slip down one step and then slowly slip and slide down the rest of the stairs. The whole while she was looking up at me with eyes begged for an explanation.

Unfortunately, the only answer is she is getting older. At 12 years old her muscles aren’t as strong as they once were and the arthritis in her joints makes it harder for her to use the muscles that are left.

I wonder how much longer she will be happy and not in too much pain.

100 Words From Madeira

So tonight it is beatiful outside. The first really wonderful night since we got to Ohio. The past few weeks it has been so hot I was just used to a constant sweat. But tonight it is cool and comfortable. It is about 9:40 and the sky is just still barely blue. I love this time of dusk. It is my favorite after a good day of snowboarding. Usually around 5:00 of 5:30 in the winter. The alpenglow. But this summer night in Ohio is pretty nice too. My heart certainly hasn’t moved here but it is growing comfortable on Dawson road.

I added the entry, radura, to Wikipedia.

I am quite proud I was able to find a topic the needed an entry that I felt I could handle.

I would like to vist this salt mine


I loved Burning Man

The first year I went was the best. For the whole year following not a week went by that I didn’t reflect on the joy and excitement of seeing so many people and artist coming together without a controlling authority. The art and people were amazing but the sense of community was beyond belief. I still am shocked that 25,000 people can come together so peacefully.

It was easy to find a few circles in my photo library

I just cropped them to square and posted them. Very easy. Very satisfying.

I have listened to it on tape, I have skimmed the book and I have begun…

…getting things done. I think within a week or so I will start to work into the groove.

I need to decide and write down my inboxes, my processes and my task/project categories.

Likely inboxes
*email inboxes- gmail, scottbrenner.com, cable-safe.com, mail.yahoo.com, hotmail.com
*Voice mail- mobile phone & work lines
*Scrap paper- when other inboxes unavailable

#Do it (less than 2 minute rule)
#Schedule it in iCal or DayLite

*Personal Life
*Middle Term Goals
*Long Term Goals (Add to 43 Things)

I have been to New York several times but..

I need to get back to NYC again soon. Perhaps for the “New Yorker Fest”:http://festival.newyorker.com/schedule.cfm.

I went to the festival about 5 years ago. I think it was the inaugural year. I enjoyed it a great deal and I don’t understand why I haven’t been back since.

I love being Happy

I can’t recommend the power of happiness and joy enough. Falling asleep happy waking up happy are great feelings.

I know this is impossible but…

I need to take advantage of the books I already have.

I am ashamed of the all the books I have acquired but not read.