Impressive Bike Tricks

I enjoy watching all the amazing tricks people can perform on their bikes. From the basic track stand while waiting for a light, to 360s and back flips, the tricks transfix me.  Recently two videos have amazed me.  I came across the first one back in April.  It celebrates Danny MacAskill’s amazing leaps, spins and balance.  Some of his tricks require not just ambition, skill and strength but remarkable creativity (see 3:06).  The footage was recorded in high-def:

The second video is decidedly low-def.  It was filmed more than 100 years ago.  Yes, 110 years ago.  The video is a compilation of Thomas Edison’s footage of bike tricks and comedy.  In 100 years the tricks have improved but the fundamentals are the same.  This surprises me.  I never imaged people doing tricks on bikes at the turn of the century.  My uninformed impression was that tricks and freestyle sports like biking, surfing and skateboarding didn’t emerge until the 1960s or ’70s.  Enjoy.

Infinite Summer Reading – Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I have accepted the challenge. This summer I will read “Infinite Jest” by David Foster Wallace. The kind people at Infinite Summer.  Update:  They have also posted 11 tips for read Infinite Jest.

My sister gave me the book years ago. I started to read it but I never finished it. This summer I will complete it. To help me and other stay on track, Infinite Summer created a schedule. I imported the schedule into Google Calendar. The calendar is public. You can view it or subscribe to it at

You can follow fellow readers on twitter at #infsum.

Enjoy and good luck.

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