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Real World Example of Need to Enlarge Fair Use

In this six minute clip film maker Brian De Palma, who directed Scarface and Mission: Impossible, debates fair use with Eamonn Bowles—the president of Magnolia Pictures.

Despite the heated debate Magnolia is distributing De Palma’s new film Redacted. Ironically clips from the film are redacted out of fear that use of the clips is not protected by fair use. De Palma thinks they are protected. Bowles and more importantly the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Magnolia, Mark Cuban, thinks they are not protected by fair use.

A couple minutes into the clip the producer of the film gets on stage and gives an evenhanded, though sad description of how unclear fair use laws and fear of litigation chill the work of artists like De Palma.

I hope use of this clip is protected by fair use.

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