This Podcasting is tough stuff

The two big matters I am struggling with are the recording and the format. Last night I had to re-record a podcast three times. The first two attempts were sabotaged by technical problems. At one point the audio that should have headed for Audacity. Instead it was coming out the speakers. The second recording was ruined by a simple crash.

I am very tempted to just record my voice and then in post-production add in the audio. This would definitely make the cross fades a lot more professional.

Our podcast is going to be hosting a whole episode sponsored by on how you can engage other businesses around you to tell your products for you. It’s going to be real fun and informative so I hope you all join us.

As for the format. Wow I have so much respect for every radio show I have ever heard. And especially for Adam’s show. He makes is seem so easy casual and intimate but the time and expertise he puts into is clear now that I have tried to put together a little show.

For now I am working on a list of ‘segment’s’ I can use to structure the show and then I will start trying to do an actual show.

By the Way I bought a USB microphone. A cheap Logitech but it is very clear.