1L Law School Study Aids

This semester I am using five law school study aids:

“Gilbert Law Summaries: Torts” (Marc A. Franklin)

“Gilbert Law Summaries: Contracts” (Melvin Aron Eisenberg)“Gilbert Law Summaries: Constitutional Law/With Supplement Included” (Jesse H. Choper)“Civil Procedure: Examples & Explanations 5th edition” (Joseph W. Glannon)

Gilbert- (Torts, Contracts, Constitutional Law) I like the Gilbert books because they really help me test my knowledge and fill in any holes in my understanding. These books are not great for learning a topic from scratch.

These guides are organized in four sections- Casebook map, short outline (~60 pages), long outline, and practice questions. The first section is a table that shows which pages in the guide correspond specific pages in the case books. This table is very helpful in determining what portions of the outlines correspond to what the professor assigned.

Obviously, the short outline is an abbreviated version of the long outline. The short outline is where I start reviewing. When I come across a section that is not clear to me I refer to the longer outline. Both the long and short outlines use the same numbering making it very easy to find the expanded explanation in the longer outline.

The last section of the book contains practice questions with answers. The first 100+ questions present simple, short, two or three sentence hypotheticals and one or two direct questions. The issue is clearly identified and the answer is also short and clear. I like reviewing these when I only have a short period of time to spend studying. Since there no need to “spot the issue” they work almost like flash cards.

After the short answer questions there about five traditional issue spotter essay questions with model answers.


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